I’m Not A Kid

I can’t see the moon
It’s already morning
Four hours before noon
Haven’t milk to drink

8 a.m in my alarm phone
is too early to bath
There’s no more uniform
I’m not so bad

Having a cup of coffee then the cigarettes
Homework is nothing to do, I better go bed

I’m growing up not looser
Don’t underestimate me any longer
You’re too bad when were younger

No more play ground no more Play Station
I’m not a kid
I did masturbation

Hey girls,
Don’t break my heart I’ll break yours
I’m too good to be ignored
You must be melted my dear whore

No more chocolate no more popcorn
I’m not a kid
I did watch porn

Dear mama,
Don’t worry bout me I’m fine
Only gonna play the fool one time
Just give me a kiss then i’ll feel no pain
I do love you not your man

No more cartoon no more boy band
I’m not a kid
I won’t be like your husband

[AG, January 2010]

    • nathalia
    • February 8th, 2011

    u will see the moon 1day 😀

  1. Cool ndi. 😉

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